WCAG Simulations

1. Fine Motor Skills

Due to disability and/or aging, many people experience a reduction in fine motor skills which can make using a mouse difficult, or impossible. This simulator will demonstrate the difference in the time necessary for people with and without fine motor skills to extend a timeout, or adjust time limits.

WCAG Guideline 2.2.1 - Timing Adjustable

Requires end-users be given at least 20 seconds to extend a timeout via a simple action. (Level A)

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2. Low Vision - Screen Readers

People with low vision often utilize screen reader technology to translate online content to audio output. This simulator will demonstrate the difference between what non-disabled people view on a website, versus what people with low vision hear.

WCAG Guideline - 1.1.1 Non-text Content

All non-text content that is presented to the user has a text alternative that serves the equivalent purpose. (Level A)

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3. Color Blindness

People with Rod Monochromacy are completely colorblind, and they often learn to associate certain colors with objects and to differentiate some colors by their brightness. This simulator will demonstrate why relying solely on color can cause confusion and frustration for users with color blindness.

WCAG Guideline 1.4.1 - Use of Color

Requires that information must be identified by more than just color alone. (Level A)

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